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Welcome to my blog! Here you can find some helpful tips and information on how to keep your Tiny Texans' teeth healthy and strong! If you have any questions or topics you would like addressed, please email them to


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Keep the Easter Treats From Causing Cavities

By tinytexans45006907, Apr 15 2017 03:00AM

Easter season is upon us and many children are looking forward to the Easter baskets full of treats and the big egg hunt. Here are 3 tips from Dr. Christina Ramirez at Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry to keep your child’s Easter fun from turning into a cavity:

1.It does not have to be about the candy. Most children are excited to receive other toys, coloring books, or stuffed animals in their Easter basket. Since the days activities revolve around being outside try adding things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or jump ropes. You can even stuff the plastic eggs they hunt for with small goodies like toy jewelry, small toy dinosaurs, bouncy balls, or spin tops.

2.Choose chocolate over sticky candies. The darker the chocolate the better, but even milk chocolate is easier on the teeth than jelly beans. Most of the sticky candies contain acids in them which weaken tooth enamel and are harder to clean off the grooves of the back molars. Try do stick with smaller portioned chocolates like small eggs instead of a large chocolate bunny.

3.Make the candy a short and sweet treat at the end of a meal. When and how long they eat the candy matters. It is best to eat sweets immediately after a meal instead of a separate snack later. The saliva is already working to buffer the acid in the mouth from the meal. Also, try to avoid candies that take a longer time to eat like lollipops that are not sugar free.

Lastly, don’t forget to brush and schedule your child for regular dental checkups to help prevent cavities. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Christina Ramirez at 512-646-4500.

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